Couple of familiar faces

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mad machs
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Couple of familiar faces

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Via Shaun from the MOCGB
Mike, just found a pic of terry outside my house in the 80's. Post it on the MMA if anyone wants a laugh.

Also in my old drag racing pics, the one of the 65 k code was also Lez Szabo's, I know he posts on there too and used to pop round.
Mike that is called Mike.

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Les Szabo

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Hi, just got a message from Tim F on facebook that there's a pic of me old Mustang on here, blimey thats a rare shot...only run it about 2 times with the new paint job, rare car that, 289 hi-po (271hp), 4 on the floor, 715cfm Holley etc........bought the Brown '71 4 speed car soon after that.......nice to see a pic of it....14.05 Et best, open axle, street tyres.
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Post by terryr »

wow ,,,thats me when i was eighteen in my sprint :D nice hair doo
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