70 charger beltline trim clips

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Ben Hamill
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70 charger beltline trim clips

Post by Ben Hamill »

New here, I’m currently nearing completion of my 70 charger build and I can’t seem to find anyone with beltline trim clips in stock. Any one have any suggestions?


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Re: 70 charger beltline trim clips

Post by Pete »

Welcome to the forum, I hope the resto goes well and you find the clips.

More pictures of the build would be good too!

All the best,

Pete Wiseman; Cambridge.

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Re: 70 charger beltline trim clips

Post by Dave999 »

https://nationalmoparts.com/product/196 ... -clip-kit/

https://nationalmoparts.com/product/196 ... -kit-copy/

are these they..? :) i.e will they do instead of 1970

kinda look likle these if you discount the bits with the studs in although the second link has them

https://vansauto.com/product/beltline-d ... hbclp6970/

you might need Chris Goodale or Ron at STS imports to bring them in for you... check what the shipping is from the supplier, could be £80 or something daft like that. in those cases find a UK buisness to get the stuff for you.

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